The No.1 distributor in England and Wales for Fiorentini Professional Cleaning Products
The No.1 distributor in England and Wales for Fiorentini Professional Cleaning Products
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Clemas & Co are the main representative in England for the servicing and repairs of  Fiorentini Floor Cleaning Machines

In order to keep your Fiorentini floor cleaning machine running efficiently and effectively Clemas & Co  stock a comprehensive range of replacement parts and consumables. These can be delivered throughout the UK and Ireland.

Whether the parts on your Fiorentini cleaning machine are broken or simply worn, whatever replacement parts you require we will ensure that you receive them as quickly as possible. To make this happen, our engineers come equipped with a service kit allowing them to provide a competent service on your Fiorentini machines and to further support this Clemas & Co keep a comprehensive range of replacement Fiorentini brushes, Fiorentini hoses, Fiorentini wheels, Fiorentini squeegees, chemicals and many other spare parts and consumables in stock at our two warehouses. We will process your order professionally and promptly and send it to you in the most cost effective way. By doing this it will help keep your cleaning machine working at its optimum at all times.

Many of the Fiorentini floor cleaning machines have been upgraded or rebranded. In order to try to make it as easy as possible for you to identify any old Fiorentini machines you may have we have listed below previous model names of Fiorentini machines. We have indicated next to them what the latest version of these machines are now called.

We hope that this is helpful but if you cant find what you need simply give us a call on 01684 850777 and we will be happy to help.

Previous Name / Model Current Machine
Scrubber Dryers
Deluxe 350 C25
I18 C30
I16 Not applicable
Deluxe 50 Not applicable
Deluxe 43 C50 43
Giampy 22 C50 50
ICM 21 Not applicable
ICM 26 C92
ICM 32 Not applicable
Ecosmart 55 C110
Ecosmile 70 C150
ICM 34 Not applicable
ICM 38 C190
I42 Not applicable
I60 Not applicable
Combination Machines
I115ss Not applicable
SP500B CS35
AE50 Not applicable
AE70 Not applicable
S28 CS70
S32 CS220
S34 CS230
S38 Not applicable
HS110 Not applicable
HS1500 Not applicable
HS2000 Not applicable


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