The No.1 distributor in England and Wales for Fiorentini Professional Cleaning Products
The No.1 distributor in England and Wales for Fiorentini Professional Cleaning Products
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Choosing the correct cleaning machine to meet all your requirements needs consideration, in the same way the payment options most suitable to your needs have to be considered.

We understand that how you choose to pay for your machine will depend on numerous factors: cost, cash flow, machine usage and time required are just a few of these. With this in mind we offer the flexibility to either purchase, lease or hire your machine.

Each option comes with its own merits for your business so we will work with you to find the best solution.

Benefits of Hiring a Floor Cleaning Machine

The burden of compliance is reduced 
Cleaning is a serious issue since lack of compliance with legislation can prove very costly to your business. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 requires work equipment (for example a scrubber dryer) to be well maintained as well as suitable selection of accessories and the provision of training in its use. Clemas takes care of this when you hire a machine from us.

Time saving
The machines are thoroughly serviced on site on a regular basis as part of the hire contract, this means no time wasted arranging a service and possibly taking the machine off site. A service typically lasts only a few hours so minimal cleaning down time.

Unexpected breakdowns kept to a minimum
Hiring a machine means a reduced risk of additional cleaning downtime which cause huge inconvenience and wasted time. The machine will be kept in tip top condition by Clemas, especially important when a shop, food preparation area or public space needs to be kept clean at all times.

Flexibility With Immediate Access To A Wide Range Of Machines
Hiring can give you the flexibility when you need extra cleaning machines for an ad hoc, or infrequent cleaning job, giving you access to a wide range of equipment within days

Better Cleaning With The Latest Technology
Hiring gives you the option to have a newer model than if you bought one since replacing one hire machine for another is easier than selling one machine and buying another

Spread Your Cost To Ease Cashflow
Some cleaning machines are a significant outlay of budget if you buy a new machine, by hiring spreads the cost and potentially frees up capital for other projects


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