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Tips When Buying A Used Cleaning Machine

An industrial floor cleaning machine such as a pedestrian or ride on scrubber dryer can be an important asset for an organisation and will most likely lead to a budget discussion and the different buying options available. One choice is to buy a second hand floor cleaning machine which has its pros and cons, but if you follow some simple guidelines it can be a smart move and the pros will most definitely outweigh the cons.  The main benefit to buying a used cleaning machine is cost, you could make significant savings compared to buying new. You can potentially afford a better, upgraded machine that otherwise wouldn’t be within your budget if bought new.  There are a few things you need to bear in mind when buying a used machine to ensure you get a reliable, quality machine that doesn’t end up more expensive in the end through unexpected breakdowns or parts and accessories that need replacing sooner than expected.

Buy From A Reputable Established Company

Make sure you do your research and are confident that the company you buy your machine from is established and has a good reputation for customer service. Reputable cleaning machine suppliers are usually authorised by large companies such as Tennant or Demon to sell their products. Don’t end up with a situation where the company does not want to take responsibility for any issues, or doesn’t have the expertise to be able to repair the machine. If any of these scenarios became a reality for you, this can often lead to lost cleaning time and a high possibility of substandard cleaning results while its being repaired.

Clemas & Co have been operating since 1988 and have grown from strength to strength during this time. We are proud of our good reputation for customer service and the team of experienced engineers who have refurbished, serviced and repaired floor cleaning machines for several years.

Make Sure A New Battery Has Been Fitted

Always check if you are buying a used battery floor scrubber dryer that a new battery/batteries have been fitted, particularly if the machine has already had a substantial amount of use. Batteries usually need to be replaced after a certain amount of time and usage and can be expensive, so make sure you avoid this unnecessary additional cost.  At Clemas & Co you can be sure that all of our used battery floor cleaning machines will have been fitted with a new battery as standard. The battery comes with a 12 month warranty for even further peace of mind.

Check The Age Of The Machine

Before buying a used floor cleaning machine, check that you can still purchase the spare parts and consumables or how readily available are these to purchase. This will avoid the situation where the machine cannot be repaired, or takes a long time to source the parts and therefore has to be scrapped and a new one bought, or cleaning downtime, both situations end up more expensive in the long run. Some floor cleaning machines have an hour meter and so it’s worth asking if one is fitted on the machine you are interested in and if so, ask how many hours it has clocked up so far.

Make Sure Your Used Machine Comes With A Warranty

A reputable cleaning machine supplier should sell used cleaning machines with a warranty so you can be certain that the machine is of adequate quality, this will give you peace of mind in the event of an unexpected breakdown. Clemas & Co offer a minimum of 3 months warranty on all used floor cleaning machines as standard. This covers repair of a mechanical fault through normal usage by trained cleaning staff.

To What Extent Has The Used Floor Cleaning Machine Been Refurbished?

Be sure to ask if a used machine you are interested in has been refurbished and ask for information about what work has taken place. Depending on the condition of the machine, it may be part or fully refurbished and this will ensure the vital working parts of the machine are in the best possible condition.

Service History

Regular servicing of a floor cleaning machine, particularly large complex machines such as ride on scrubber dryers and sweepers and pedestrian scrubber dryers will be valuable in extending the life of the machine. Regular servicing will also improve the resale value. It is worth asking if there is any service history information available before you go ahead with the purchase.  At Clemas & Co the servicing of industrial cleaning machines is our core business. We have a number of different services packages to choose from which range from an annual package to a one-off service. Clemas have the expertise and experience to service large complex machines, something that not many cleaning machine suppliers are able to do.

A Used Machine In Most Instances Won’t Look New  

Used industrial floor cleaning machines will most likely have a few scratches and marks through usage over time, this is normal. If you are dealing with a good cleaning machine supplier they will be able to send you photos of the used machine so you can see for yourself exactly what state the exterior of the machine is in. This can save a great deal of wasted time if the machine turns out to be not what you were expecting if brought along for a demonstration.

Lease Or Buy Options Should Be Available

Although buying a used floor cleaning machine is a budget friendly choice, you can free up capital and a good supplier will give you the choice to lease the used machine for a period of three years. The lease option would include regular servicing of the machine where an engineer comes to your site, this can be a hassle free and time saving option that makes good sense.

Is The Used Machine Right For Your Particular Needs?

At Clemas & Co we will never sell a floor cleaning machine without making sure the machine is right for your cleaning task(s). Using our consultative approach to selling floor cleaning machines, you may be asked several questions by your experienced, dedicated sales person about your cleaning regime, your business and what you are cleaning so we can be sure the machine is right for you.

Be wary of companies that will sell you a floor cleaning machine without first asking you lots of questions to find out if the machine is right for your particular cleaning task and business environment. If this happens to you this will often be a sign that the company does not put the customer first and takes a product led approach to selling rather than a solutions led approach. A  lack of knowledge and experience of the . A machine that is not matched properly to the cleaning job at hand will most likely end up damaged and work at a sub optimal level or break down. A poorly chosen machine could be a potential health and safety hazard i.e. a mains powered machine with a cable that runs across where people walk regularly while cleaning is taking place. The wrong floor cleaning machine will most certainly give you poor cleaning results ending up with inefficient use of resources and will probably end up being unused and take up space.

Ongoing Maintenance Of Your Used Machine

For consistently good cleaning results and reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and therefore cleaning downtime it is wise to have your floor cleaning machine regularly serviced. Clemas & Co started out servicing cleaning machines in 1988 and although there has been expansion into other areas such as sales and hire of floor cleaning machines, servicing remains the core of the business.

Clemas & Co have a wide range of used floor cleaning machines to choose from, we offer a free on- site machine demonstration and we can help you choose a machine that exactly suits your cleaning regime and business so you have a bespoke solution.

Take a look at our range of used cleaning machines here, please note that our stock is constantly changing so keep checking on a regular basis.

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