The No.1 distributor in England and Wales for Fiorentini Professional Cleaning Products
The No.1 distributor in England and Wales for Fiorentini Professional Cleaning Products
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A Domestic Vacuum Is Happiest At Home

Businesses on a tight budget may be tempted to buy a standard domestic vacuum for a shop, restaurant or office space, after all, it’s affordable and easy to buy in many nearby stores, but is it worth the risk?  Let’s face it, the standard model vacuum is designed for cleaning homes a few times a week and not struggling on a daily basis through large office and shop spaces. A great deal of time and money could be wasted learning that it is often more cost effective in the end to get an industrial floor cleaning machine that is specifically designed for the job at hand.

A wiser choice would be the choose a compact Fiorentini Vacuum that’s quiet, mobile and reliable, perfect for use throughout the day. They are designed with frequent and demanding cleaning jobs in mind for places such as hotels, restaurants, shops and offices.  All accessories are stored in a handy area beneath the top lid which saves on storage and is also saves time and is very convenient for the user.

Fiorentini also offer a budget friendly range of professional wet and dry vacuums which work well for businesses such as cleaning contractors, services, car wash, warehouses and production facilities.  They easily remove a lot of different types of dirt regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors, dry, damp, or liquid. Extractors are a good solution for cleaning carpets, furniture upholstery and car upholstery. They combine spraying of cleaning solution and vacuum drying in one. Depending on tank capacity, strength and type of filter you want Clemas & Co supply a range of wet and dry industrial vacuums. Depending on your cleaning job you can choose from the CF64 (1000w motor, semi automatic filter shaker, 50L tank), CF65 (Hepa filter and 2000w motor, 50l tank), CF85 (2000w motor and 55l tank) and the CF86 (3000w motor, 55l tank, hepa filter)

Why Fiorentini Products?

  • The floor cleaning machines are an affordable option if you need to clean a light industrial or commercial environment.
  • Fiorentini manufacture a larger than average range of products which means you are more likely to find exactly the right machine to suit your cleaning needs. This also means they have developed expert knowledge and capability to continually produce reliable quality cleaning machines.
  • Simple design and good quality leading to easy use and maintenance
  • Servicing and repair of the machines is budget friendly. Fiorentini manufacture most of the components of the cleaning machines themselves which results in a lower price to the customer.
  • Spare parts are supplied on a quick and reliable basis. Because Fiorentini manufactures most of the spares themselves they are totally in control of the supply process, this means Clemas can supply spare parts and consumables with better than average efficiency and reliability.

Who are Fiorentini?

One of the leading companies in Europe in the design and manufacture of a wider than average range of budget, light industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines.

Based in Italy, fiorentini have established themselves as a very successful business which has grown from strength to strenth over the last 30 years. They supply cleaning machines globally to places such as Europe, South America, Israel and Kuwait.

Clemas & Co have been fortunate enough to be the number 1 distributor of Fiorentini floor cleaning machine products throughout most of England and Wales for 4 years now. Clemas enjoy a good relationship with Fiorentini and one of the reasons is that there are shared objectives such as the supply of quality floor cleaning machines and constantly striving to achieve the best possible customer service.

So when you are next deciding on which vacuum is best for cleaning your light industrial or commercial environment, leave your domestic vacuum at home where they are happiest and consider an industrial vacuum that is more suited to your cleaning needs, it will end up a more cost effective option in the long run.

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