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Scrubber Dryer Or The Good Old Mop?

Scrubber Dryers have improved greatly since they were first introduced and are now an essential piece of equipment for many industries, they continue to improve in terms of performance and additional features as new technology is developed. It’s a good choice for many different reasons and is certainly a much better option than a traditional mop and bucket, but not always.

There is still a place for the good old mop

Mops are the best option for stairs where it won’t be possible to get a heavy machine cleaning this area and there is still a place for a mop when small accidental spills occur, let’s face it, it’s much easier to grab a mop and bucket from a nearby cleaning cupboard than getting an automated cleaning machine out for this sort of job. So why have so many organisations chosen to use a scrubber dryer? The reasons could be different for particular sectors but we have highlighted the main ones:

Cleaning quality is improved. Often streaky marks are left on the floor with mopping as it isn’t a consistent way of cleaning. Also, when you are using a mop & bucket you are constantly moving dirt around, every time you put the mop into the bucket you are just rinsing it with the dirty water that has just been collected. A scrubber dryer gives a deeper, safer clean without having to go over the same spot several times and your floors will shine be clean after every use giving the best possible cleaning results.

 Simplicity of the cleaning process makes the job so easy, it does the scrubbing, cleaning and drying from the same machine instead of 2 different machines and separate processes. It’s really easy to use which means staff don’t waste time with extensive training and new user errors.

Agility.  It’s surprising how easily some of this these cleaning machines get into small areas, this makes it perfect for many different areas such as shops, warehouses, factories, hospitals, car showrooms etc.

Faster cleaning time. Get more done in the time you have with quicker drying times, cover more ground with fewer passes with a wide scrubbing path. The traditional wet mopping will take longer and will need a larger workforce to complete the job. Water has to be changed many times during cleaning and warning signs need to be raised and moved around the cleaning area which all wastes time that could be used for other tasks.

Efficient. The cleaning solution tank on the scrubber dryer is large so more cleaning time is available to get the job done as quickly as possible with the least amount of inconvenience of constantly refilling the solution tank.

Employee productivity is increased. Both the pedestrian and ride on scrubber dryers will increase productivity dramatically but especially the ride on version. It saves significant effort from cleaning staff, particularly in large spaces such as shopping centres, sports halls, large supermarkets and warehouses.

 Improved Health and Safety. Floors are dry much quicker than using a traditional mop and bucket.  With floors being left wet or damp there is a real danger of slips and falls, especially near stair wells and areas with heavy foot traffic. A scrubber dryer will get rid of this issue as floors are kept consistently dry during the cleaning process

Hygenic. Water or the solution in a bucket must be changed often during cleaning to prevent using dirty water on the floors that could spread bacteria and increase the risk of illness in your organisation instead of cleaning. Having a separate water tank reduces the chances of re using any dirty water during cleaning. This is especially important in hospitals where hygiene is critical.


Clemas & Co. is the number one distributor of a wide range of Fiorentini products in most of England and Wales and with 29 years in the cleaning industry we can provide expert advice on which scrubber dryer is perfect for your environment and particular cleaning needs.

There are many ways your business could get a scrubber dryer, buy used or new, lease or the budget friendly and more flexible option to hire for a short or long term period.

We are more than happy to come to your site and give you an on site demonstration to show you just how efficient and easy to use a scrubber dryer really is.

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