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Why use a Floor scrubber dryer?

A floor scrubber dryer is considered to be the ideal floor cleaner for any hard floor. It works by scrubbing, cleaning and drying your floor. Using a floor scrubber dryer has multiple benefits. The first of which is that it is an incredibly efficient and easy to use method of cleaning. It saves huge amounts of time and effort against the traditional mop and bucket method of cleaning. Its cleaning ability is far more effective than a mop. It cleans uniformly and consistently at all times ensuring that you do not have to go back over the floor “for the bits you missed” and that you have a reliable result each time it is used. This efficient cleaning will also be saving you money in labour costs!

From a Health and Safety perspective the use of a scrubber dryer brings many advantages. Both the water and cleaning chemicals are contained within the machine, thus preventing chemical spills or over flowing buckets causing an issue. Along a similar line, as the machine dries the floor after it cleans this prevents any slip hazards or disruption waiting for the floor to dry!

Floor scrubber dryers come in all shapes and sizes meaning that there will be a machine to fit your exact needs and budget. Whether you need a small compact walk behind machine such as a Fiorentini C25 35B for a small cluttered area or a ride on machine like a Fiorentini C150 73B for larger, open areas we are confident there will be a machine for you. As you can see from the image above there is even the right machine to clean the Sistine chapel!

Using a floor scrubber dryer will save you time, effort and money as it delivers efficient, reliable and effective cleaning every time.





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